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How a startup should outline a social media strategy

Even if a startup doesn’t create any kind of a written road map for how they should form a social media plan, they should at least know what it encompasses so as not to overlook an imperative. I have outlined as such what I believe to be the most important questions the company must ask itself, as a means of generating a plan.

Your social media strategy, some questions to ask.

social media strategy

Where to play?

What social media networks are there to partake in other than Facebook and Twitter? Check the social media prism to see how daunting the array is.

Which ones should we be in?

Who is our audience we should find, where will they be?

How can we track our brand as it might be getting mentioned on social media already? What keywords should we use?

Your content strategy

What types of content are the best to put out?

What kind should we put out?

How frequently should we put it out?

Should we look into automation for putting that content out, like Buffer and Hootsuite?

Have we made sure content is cross-platform ready for mobile, tablets and desktop? For example, photo sizes.

Using social media as a business channel

Should we use social media for CRM? What will be our PR strategy for dealing with complaints?

Should we use social media for HRM? How big is our company and might we need a social media policy for our employees?

How many employees should we dedicate to social media, in what capacities, and what kind of overlapping skills ought they have?

For tracking

Who are the key social media users that engage with us?

Where is our brand being mentioned on social media? What is being said?

How and should we respond when our name gets mentioned?

What tools will you use to track how well a given post did?


How can we jumpstart a given piece of content for the most reach with the least effort?

Is paid content like sponsored Facebook posts going to be part of our strategy, and when should we use?

Do we know which of our posts go most viral, and how can we formulate that?




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