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Tweet Spot, When You Are New To Twitter

FINDING YOUR TWEET SPOT: Three Steps to Beginner Success by Irfan Jafrey, CEO of AdRevenu

Irfan Jafrey


So you’re new to Twitter…and hear it can help grow your business, but you don’t even know where to begin. Here are three easy steps to getting started:

1. Decide if Twitter is the right tool for your business.

Ask yourself:

• Are most of your customers or buyers on Twitter?

• Are there conversations on Twitter that would interest and benefit them?

If yes, than Twitter is worthwhile.

Twitter lets you engage with your leads, and build a stronger relationship with your customers – via conversations, not random content.

2. Find leads on Twitter.

Twitter helps you find relevant topics for your blog’s content. Use the search bar to look up key industry terms to find people and conversations that are relevant to your business — then get involved! Nurture those conversations and convert those people into followers and, eventually, customers.

• What do you want to accomplish using Twitter? Be specific and
define your objective. Example: “Generate new leads” or “Increase customer engagement.”

• What metrics can you tie to those objectives? Example: “Number of new leads generated” or “number of @mentions.” Doing a simple exercise like this will help you measure your efforts.

• Set goals that motivate you, yet are achievable given your resources.

3. Identify your target followers.

When starting out with Twitter, having zero content and no followers can make you feel like the new kid in school. Don’t feel awkward. Start by following competitors that are followed by your prospective customers. Also follow thought leaders in your industry.

Chances are you’ll catch on to what’s relevant and timely and start some quality conversations with prospective clients in no time. It’s not brain surgery – you’ll see trends and figure out what people respond to pretty quickly.

Irfan Jafrey is CEO of AdRevenu, a Chicago-based, technology focused media and marketing company specializing in web development, traffic acquisition and conversion. Founded in 2010, AdRevenu has doubled in growth year after year. The team’s collective experience comes from a variety of household-name companies, including Google, Sprint, Target and Best Western. AdRevenu attributes its growth to working collaboratively with its clients, teaming with talented business partners, maintaining a deep understanding of the marketplace, and hiring smart, passionate individuals who care about building a company that drives value for its stakeholders.


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