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21 steps to gaining more twitter followers

Twitter follower gaining1. )Be a Tweetor who adds value:

Using the 80/20 rule, spend roughly 20% of your time talking about what you re doing in an entertaining and humorous way. And the other 80% enriching others with news, advice, links, etc.
A good way to learn what to tweet is to simply follow top Twitter users, and you can also check out sites like stufftotweet.com

2. ) Post and announce your Twitter profile everywhere in the real world you can:

 Put your Twitter handle on everything-your business card, your website, radio and television, promotional materials and business letters, books, magazine articles, your email signature, and definitely on social networking profiles like Facebook and LinkedIn.

3.) Fill out a captivating bio:

First impressions are important in life and Twitter is no different. Make sure not to leave your bio blank, as it is one of the first things people should see to decide they want to follow you. Make it interesting and always reflect any expertise that you may have.

4.) Put up a professional looking photo of yourself:

 You don’t even have to spring for an actual professional photographer. Just go to a well-lit room or outdoors during good sunlight, and get a head and shoulders shot of yourself dressed up, smiling, and looking your best. Don’t assume it must be a standard head shot, the best photos for professionals especially is actually to have a photo of yourself engaged in your work-anything to give people an idea of who you are as a person.

5.) Take advantage of the sidebar:
In your Twitter profile, you can add a photo to the sidebars; take advantage of this fact to add more info about who you are and what you do. Using text added to the sidebar image you can accomplish just that, and add your website for example or whatever else.

6.) Encourage people to Re-tweet your comments:
Occasionally for something you find the most newsworthy, add “please re-tweet” or “please RT” to your tweets to remind people to share what you have said if it merits repeating you feel. In some case, some of your followers may be twitter newbies, in which case they don’t know what re-tweeting is and you may want to tweet a link to them explaining about.
By getting re-tweeted, your brilliant insights will get exposed to other people’s followers thus growing your own. Lastly, use the website retweetist.com.

7.) Learn to use hash tags:

Using hash tags can help potential followers find you by searching for topics of interest you tweet about.

8.) Join the discussion of other people’s hash tagged comments.

9.) Follow interesting people, especially if they follow you:

By following people back you ensure that they won’t drop following you because they are angry you don’t follow them. Following interesting people in general is good because you can add to discussions they are having and pick up some of their followers in the process.

10.) Using Twitter’s search tool, search keywords of interest to you: For example, I run the domain name aftermarket company YumDomains.com, and that means that discussion on Twitter about domain names is of great interest to me. I can also use it to find by business by searching for people having trouble with buying one so I can then help them. Surely you can use the Twitter search for something similar. What is something you can offer advice about and what keywords could you look up to do so?

11.) Tweet often and tweet at peak times:

You should aim to tweet often, at least once a day everyday. This should be easy given the use of smart phones if you have one and all around Internet connectivity in life. I tweet from everywhere from the back of a cab, to the office, to the ski slope; if I could I’d tweet underwater too.
Regular business hours in the United States is the best time to tweet given that’s when and where most members are using Twitter.

12.) Regularly unfollow those who don’t follow you back or don’t tweet much: Twitter is a garden that needs it’s occasionally pruning. Doing so gives you room to follow more important people, and helps keep the ratio of people you follow/people who follow you lower which some people will equate as you being more worth following.

13.) Tweet interesting photos.

14.) Be considerate: It turns off your followers if you have length conversations with someone within tweeting. If you get into too long a conversation, consider taking it to the direct message function.

15.) Ask questions, and answer questions:
By either being an expert, or letting another expert shine, Q&A is a great report and follower builder.

16.) Get verified if you are a celebrity of any kind: There are so many fake celeb profiles on Twitter, this makes it hard for folks to find the real you. So if it’s actually you Burt Reynolds, get verified so that folks know they can commit to following the real you.

17.) Get yourself on various member lists, particularly Twitter’s suggested member list.

18.) Buy followers: There are mixed opinions on this and its efficacy, but everything has a price and that includes literally buying twitter followers. Sold in trenches of 1000 or more typically, sites like eBay are filled with listings for abandoned accounts and the like that have a pre-existing follower base. If you choose this route, make sure to look at the account’s tweet history and followers, then divide the price by the followers to get a cost per follower and use that to guide which purchase is the smartest for you. Try to buy an account that will have the type of followers you are looking for, for example an establishing artist would certainly prefer buying an account that had lots of art fans in it already rather than a general audience. I recommend you read more about this on the rest of the Internet if you it’s something you are seriously considering.

19.) Re-use your popular tweets from the past: Just what it sounds like, if you said something witty, profound, or just all around amazing in the past, if it’s still timely, repeat it again a year later so your new followers can hear it. Do this especially when your account has increased exponentially. If you have 100,000 followers now, that funny quote you said once when you had only 1000 will be new to 99% of your followers. Make sure your recycled tweets are still timely of course.

20.) Follow people who use auto-follow. Following someone who likely uses autofollow-like a celebrity- is a guaranteed way to get a follower. There are lists on Google of users who are auto-followers. I’m wary of this practice as Twitter looks down on it, and at some point they blacklist people who blatantly abuse it, but a few every now and then is okay, and especially useful if it’s people in your industry. Read more about this too if you plan on using it as a method to gain followers. Here is a popular list.

21.) Offer gifts in a marketing campaign to entice people to follow: This could mean anything from announcing on the radio or your website that you’ll reward your 1000th new follower with a new Ipod, to telling folks you’ll donate money to charity if you reach a million followers.

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