Why Evergreen Content is Best For Marketing

evergreen content

Online Content Shelf Life Tips For Marketers How disposable is your content? e-commerce shops may have heard of the notion that they need to blog, but the problem is that increasingly they just blog about anything, for the sake of getting something up. It is...

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How to Start an Online Business In a Day

start a biz

Recently I made an e-commerce website in one day, I hadn’t known I was going to that morning. I’m a Boston resident, and I took a walk through our Chinatown district two weeks ago, for the first time in years.. I was looking at all the...

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21 steps to gaining more twitter followers

more followers on twitter

1. )Be a Tweetor who adds value: Using the 80/20 rule, spend roughly 20% of your time talking about what you re doing in an entertaining and humorous way. And the other 80% enriching others with news, advice, links, etc. A good way to learn...

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How to get more life out of your tweets on Twitter

death of tweets

Everyone wants to get the most value out of a Tweet. Here are some tips, that also double for other networks and their posting as well:   4 tweets, offer something sweet, then repeat: Is my useful formula for making sales on twitter. Rather than...

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Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

social media mistakes

Recently there was a media inquiry on HARO “How do marketers screw up social media marketing?” -Inconsistent posting, as in, large time gaps between content (posts, newsletters, podcasts etc.) -Overselling -Not breaking up content format and type enough (promotion, questions, education, etc.) -Neglecting to fill...

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how to embed a tweet in a blog post

embed a tweet

Embedding a Tweet in a blog post is a neat way to source someone, let others view and share your tweets dynamically, break up content with something different, and it just all around looks cool. You may have also seen content pieces where the editor...

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Tweet Spot, When You Are New To Twitter

Irfan Jafrey

FINDING YOUR TWEET SPOT: Three Steps to Beginner Success by Irfan Jafrey, CEO of AdRevenu   So you’re new to Twitter…and hear it can help grow your business, but you don’t even know where to begin. Here are three easy steps to getting started: 1. Decide...

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Interview with Twitter Power author Joel Comm

Joel Comm

Thoughts from the Twitter expert Joel Comm is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and consultant who wrote Twitter Power, the best selling book on Twitter to date, recently updated in Twitter Power 2.0. Follow @joelcomm We spoke recently with Joel about all things Twitter and social...

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How a startup should outline a social media strategy

social media strategy

Even if a startup doesn’t create any kind of a written road map for how they should form a social media plan, they should at least know what it encompasses so as not to overlook an imperative. I have outlined as such what I believe...

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5 imperatives to know for using Twitter for customer service


As a generalzation, I tell clients, baby boomer customers expect you to have a customer servicer 1-800 number, Gen X expects an e-mail, and Gen-Y expects to be able to talk to you on social media. Although the trend is skewed towards the younger ages,...

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